Sanatçı Rezidans Programı / Artist-in-Residence

Çevrimiçi Rezidans fiziksel alanın tüm zorluklarına bir karşı hamledir. / Online Residency is a counter-move against the challenges of the physical space.

İpek Çankaya

halka sanat projesi 2011 yılında başlattığı Sanatçı Rezidans Programı kapsamında bugüne kadar katılan sanatçı, küratör, yazar, müzüsyen ve kültürel araştırmacılarla birlikte 100’ün üzerinde projeye imza attı. Şimdi bu deneyim çevrimiçi alana taşınıyor.

halka sanat projesi brings its Artist-in-Residence experience to the online platform. Since 2011, halka has realized more than 100 residency projects in collaboration with artists, curators, musicians, writers and cultural researchers.

Çevrimiçi Rezidans Programı nedir? What is the Online Residency Programme?

Bu çevrimiçi alan boş bir kitap gibi düşünülebilir. Bu alan rezidans süresince fikirler, proje süreçlerine ilişkin girdiler ve sanatçının projeyle bağlantılı gördükleriyle dolar. Süreç sona erdiğinde kitap tamamlanır.

This virtual space is a blank book to be filled with ideas, visuals, videos, personal inputs, correspondences, brainstorming meetings excerpts, and records. At the end of the residency, the book becomes complete.

Encouragements from our Previous Artists

I would be motivated to participate in the described project (#halkacevrimici) in a few ways. One is the experience I have had in the past working with the halka team, which is very engaged and supportive and occupies a position in Istanbul that is relevant and interesting. Secondly, the potential for further exposure of my work is compelling. As is the potential for intersecting with artists from around the world. Although a residency in a place like Istanbul is very inspiring, the costs of travel and also impact on the planet make the idea of working with halka using a digital platform a good alternative and opportunity.

Tanya Pixie Johnson, 2017 Artist-in-Residence

I would be motivated to participate in such a project (#halkacevrimici) because I had such a positive experience at the halka Residency while in Istanbul. I also feel that this is a very good model for adapting to the constraints of the Covid-reality for artists.

Julian Vadas, 2014 Artist-in-Residence

I would love to work with halka again. During my 2017 residency, the interaction with the halka team, their projects, their artists and supporters, opened a much wider world of cultures and practices to me, over and above the realization of my own exhibition. I felt buoyed by their total dedication to the task of working within and for their community. I imagine that this experience of 2017, might also play out in 2020+ and contribute, in different and unexpected ways, to the development of my work for the #halkacevrimici project.

Karin Van Roosmalen, 2017 Artist-in-Residence

Haydi birlikte bir proje geliştirelim! / Let’s build a project together!